Introduction about College:

Our college has been established in 1998 in the rural, remote and tribal area of Pandharkawada to cater to the need of higher education in general and the higher education in science in particular of the rural and tribal students many of whom are the first generation learners. The patron of our institute had envisioned the empowerment of the tribal students through the means of higher education in science to keep them abreast with the scientific and technological advancements and innovations in 21st century. In order to enhance the outreach of the institute the Arts and Commerce faculties were also started along with science faculty. In addition to imparting knowledge, the institute endeavours to develop good citizenry out of the students by infusing them with values and wisdom so as to build their character. In the first year of its inception, the institute had 181 students with only 13 tribal students. It has always been our priority to motivate the tribal students to come into the stream of higher education and pave a way to the opportunities beckoning to them in the world outside. The institute strategically undertook the programs to develop in them self-confidence, self-respect and sense of identity which resulted in the gradual rise of the enrollment of the tribal students in the institute with 31.28% tribal students’ enrollment in the current year. As a cumulative result of our efforts in this direction, many a tribal students are working in different domains confidently and very successfully.